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We partner with Ed-tech experts to solve problems and assist in creating digital infrastructure

Post Covid-19 Strategies

We help define strategies for post Covid-19 educational transformations
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DEC Team

Prof. Moustapha Diack

DEC Executive Director & Director of Research


Director Skills Commons/MERLOT H5P Initiative

Skills commons Senior Manager for Workforce Development

Quality Matters Board of Directors

Ms. Sushumna Rao Tadinada.

Director DEC Academy & Coordinator DEC India

Skills Commons/MERLOT Instructional Designer

Ed-tech Consultant and Founder – India

Gerry Hanley

Affordable Learning Solution's and OER Digital Repository Global Expert

Prof. Diola Bagayoko

Chief Editor DEC Press

US Ambassador - DEC Virtual STEM Schools Network.

Chancellor’s Fellow and SU System Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Physics

Director Emeritus of the Timbuktu Academy

Read more about the DEC Press Senior Editor.

Solomon Negash

DEC Press Editor

DEC Associate Research Director Research

Kennesaw University
Director, Mobile Application

Information Systems

Sophie Diouf N’diaye

Associate Director of Marketing (West Arica) – Press and Events Coordinator

Seynabou Diack

Director of Communication

Cheikh Fall

Director of Business Operations and Partnerships

Rokheyatou Diouf

Director of Critical Infrastructure (for Digital Transformation)

Aida Diack

Director Marketing (Social Media Campaigns)

Mame Dior Fall

Public Relations and Fundraising

Elhadji Mamadou N’Guer

DEC Expert - DEC Training Academy

Issa Ba

DEC Expert – Multimedia Tools and Production

Tabara Diouf

Administrative Assistant


Mouhamed N’diaye

National Coordinator DEC School and Digital Infrastructure

Ravindher Reddy Kesi Reddy

Director DEC Web Services