Our Mission

DEC is an international Consulting Group that provides digital solutions to schools and universities including 

  • Professional development training for faculty and teachers
  • Building digital infrastructure for teaching and delivering degree programs online
  • Equipping school with 21st century infrastructure for teaching and learning
  • Consultation with governments and For/Non-profit organisations to implement and evaluate digital education systems. To foster a Post Covid-19 transformational impact

DEC works with a network of distributed experts and strategic partners in the field of digital education to provide high level consulting.

Our Services

DEC services encompasses the following broad areas of expertise. Services are labeled into 6 broad categories.

Virtual Learning Environment & Management Services

DEC assist school in creating an online presence through the development of virtual schools and Virtual Universities to host training courses to be delivered fully online or using hybrid format.

We assist in purchasing a Domain, set-up the web portal, and assist in hosting of the virtual school for a 24/7 access with maximum security.

• Development of virtual schools using Learning Management Systems

• Development of virtual campuses

• Development of digital libraries of resources and books

Online Course Design and Quality Assurance

DEC can design tailored courses based on specific educational standards and provide training to

teachers or faculty to deploy courses effectively for student success.

Professional Development Training and Certification – DEC Academy

The DEC Academy provided many certification courses related to digital education. Certificates offered are recognized internationally. Training offered targets higher education faculty, teachers, and professionals from the education industry. We have different modalities of training including fully online or hybrid:

Open Education Resources

DEC is a global leader in Open Education Resources (OER), multimedia interactive resources

that can be used to design courses in all disciplines. We partner with the most renown global repositories of free books and interactive multimedia resources. Partners include the MERLOT, providing access to curated online learning and support materials and content creation tools, led by an international community of educators, learners and researchers; and SkillsCommons, providing Workforce Pipeline Solutions powered by the World’s Largest OPEN Library of Workforce Training Materials designed for 21st Century Employment.

Our services include:


Curating resources, textbooks and digital resources needed to design an online course in all disciplines

Develop a digital library with a collection of resources

Design and publish interactive eBooks

Design interactive multimedia resources

Training on Open Education Practices for educational success

Classroom Technology

We work with our international partners in Asia and America to equip schools and universities with digital technologies at a very competitive price. Our consulting team will help in identifying the needs for best classroom equipment as well as the ordering, installation and technical services needed to avoid disruptions.

Digital Educational Research, Evaluation and Quality Assurance

We help governments, for- and non-profit organization in the evaluation and the use of data for decision making. Our distributed network of experts conduct research related to the implementation of digital education and quality assurance.